In all the works of G.H. Rothe pictorial presentations are thrillingly connected with surrealistic elements which cause the viewer to have an inward dialogue as if looking through a window into mythic spheres. The extensive spectrum of motives result in the artist´s idea of putting the transcendental message in the foreground instead of the mere representation of a moment. In spite of her photographic exactness of presentation, the emotion and sympathy of the viewer is even more important to her. 
She implies moments of aesthetic awarness making not only their beauty but their transitoriness clear also. Life and death -  these two poles can often be experienced in a stirring way. G.H. Rothe´s devotion to the complicated technique of the mezzotint is simultaneously the gist and message of her view on life. In addition to her oil paintings and graffities, her mezzotints with their technical absolute and actual impressionism are at the same time in the tradition of the German romanticism and the French realism